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          EPTDA’s Presentation is a visual quarterly review of the association’s activities, strategic roadmap, objectives, data & intelligence reports, governance, membership companies overview, geographical and product category overview. It’s a compact guide to all essential benefits and agenda of EPTDA. All you need to know about EPTDA is right here: EPTDA PRESENTATION 2020.

          Annual Convention Highlights Video

          EPTDA’s Annual Convention is a high-profile executive networking annual event, recognized by PTMC professionals as the industry-leading, one of a kind, and the most time-and cost-effective venue for meeting key decision makers in one place, to expand business networks and enhance knowledge. Discover all highlights in Annual Business Convention Highlight video.

          PT Monthly Index by Redburn

          PTMI is a special monthly index created for EPTDA members by REDBURN offering quality real-time industrial data available on European short-cycle industrial demand. The reports claims to offer industry level YoY growth for order intake, sales and inventories every month a few days after the month had finished, without waiting two months for Eurostat or rely on the Purchasing Manager Indices (PMIs) alone which are only base on opinion and sentiment. Click here to download the Redburn presentation.

          EPTDA Blue Book

          The single most important refence guide to find A-brand market players around the World. The Blue Book provides exclusive, up-to-date information on all types of providers of PTMC-related systems, products and services. It devotes one full profile page on the description and contact details of each one of the members of this leading PTMC association. The Blue Book’s profile pages are listed in alphabetical order of company name, and divided into three categories: Distributors, Manufacturers and Associates. The Blue Book also features members in a country index and a product index.




          EPTDA Material Handling image

          PLI 3: Automotive Industry


          PLI 2: Confectionery Industry


          PLI 1: Soft Drinks Industry

          Soft Drinks

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